Montana Worksite Wellness


The Montana Worksite Health Promotion Coalition is a resource for Montana employers regarding the art and science of health promotion and wellness at work.


Our vision is to educate, encourage, recognize, and create a standard of excellence for Worksite Wellness programs in Montana, and we do that by:


  • Hosting a Montana Worksite Wellness Conference with nationally recognized speakers and local experts to provide education and encourage
  • Providing the bronze, silver, and gold awards criteria (via flyer and website) as an educational tool for organizations wanting to start or improve a Worksite Wellness program incorporating ten quality standards that create a framework and standard of excellence
  • Granting bronze, silver, and gold awards (Basic, enhanced, comprehensive) to qualified employers to recognize their achievements
  • Supplying a MWHP website with reliable local and national resources to provide education
  • Measuring improved health outcomes and assessing Worksite Wellness programs in Montana to contribute to the national